Famous Virgo Celebrities

Virgo is born between August 23 and September 22. Their ruling planet is Mercury. Their gender feminine and  element earth.

The Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. They are represented by the Virgin symbol. Thus, they seem modest, pure, and serene on the surface.  The typical Virgo is also very practical and logical.. Virgos  are more intellectual than emotional. This does not mean that they lack friendliness or compassion. Merely that they guard their emotions very carefully. On the positive side many Virgos are very honest. On the negative side some Virgos are too critical and drive their significant other up the wall. The fact is  those born under the Virgo sign are extremely picky and perfectionist. You simply have to live up to their very high standards, or they do not have any time for you.

Virgos go into business or make good accountants because they pay such close attention to detail. Ask a Virgo about the way you look in that new suit or dress and they will tell you the  honest truth in detail. Want to know if your new boyfriend or girlfriend is the right one for you. The Virgo will let you know without pulling any punches. Certainly, the Virgo might lack tact, but they make very loyal and honest friends.

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Cameron Diaz

Famous Virgo Women

LeAnn Rimes
Shania Twain
Cameron Diaz
Gloria Estefan
Lily Tomlin
Raquel Welch
Rosie Perez
Chrissie Hynde
Amy Irving
Rachel Ward
Kate Millett
Sophia Loren
Faith Hill          
Nicole Richie
Ricki Lake

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Jimmy Fallon

Famous Virgo Men

Steve Guttenberg
Dave Chappelle
Billy Ray Cyrus      
Sean Connery      
Macaulay Culkin  
Jason Priestley    
Keanu Reeves    
Charlie Sheen    
Sam Neill            
Jeremy Irons
Jimmy Fallon
Bill Murray
Luke Wilson
Stephen King
Eric Stoltz