The Leo Male Personality Zodiac Love Signs

The Mighty Fine Leo Man is born between July 23 and August 22. Their symbol is the Lion and their ruling planet the Sun. The Leo zodiac sign is a true leader of the zodiac signs. Leo is a very masculine fire sign which means they are quite impulsive creatures. They are very generous and loving by nature. They often have a well developed sense of humor that attracts many friends.

Leo Man and Romance

The Leo Man is a kind and generous lover. He is very passionate and loyal to the one he loves. The Leo man often lavishes numerous gifts on his lover. And his generosity
can be very overwhelming.

Compatible Zodiac Signs

Aries and Leo- Usually a great combination. Leo's fire
subdues the Aries woman.

Taurus and Leo- There is usually a strong physical
attraction between the signs.

Cancer and Leo- It's odd but true that Cancer ( a water
sign) and Leo (a fire sign) are actually a good match.
Their ruling planets( Cancer's Moon and Leo's Sun) point to
a wonderful pairing which reflects their best qualities.

Virgo and Leo- There is a slight chance for a harmonious union. Leo's nature is to overlook Virgo's often critical nature with a good sense of humor.

Leo and Scorpio- Both sides are compatible on the surface.

Sagittarius and Leo- Two fire signs make an excellent
combination. If they learn to subdue their bossy nature.

Aquarius and Leo- Ruling planets Sun and Uranus are
usually a good combination. Both signs enjoy excitement and

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

Signs that are not compatible with Leo include the following.


Famous Leo Males

Here is a list of famous men born under the sign of Leo.

Woody Harrelson July 23
Mick Jagger July 26
Stephen Dorff July 29
Jaime Pressly July 30
Arnold Schwarzenegger July 30
Laurence Fishburne July 30
Jerry Garcia August 1
Yves Saint Laurent August 1
Edward Furlong August 2
Steve Martin August 3
Billy Bob Thornton August 4
George Hamilton August 12
Magic Johnson August 14
Ben Affleck August 15
Sean Penn August 17
Christian Slater August 18
John Stamos August 19
Bill Clinton August 19
Matthew Perry August 19

In conclusion, Leo men are very romantic and generous lovers which is one reason many women are attracted to