Capricorn Good And Bad Traits

Relationship Guide
Are you interested in astrology. Want to know more about someone you love...that is according to astrology and their zodiac or sun sign? Have you ever wondered what were your lover's best or worst qualities? Well, if you know the date of their birth, you will then know their astrological sign and what they are like and how their behavior might affect you by reading the information contained here!

Capricorns are high climbers and often achieve great success in life. Many people admire the Capricorns are cool and reserved personality.

Capricorn Good Traits

Capricorns have a very strong, independent, and logical mind. They are very ambitious individuals and not afraid of hard work if they can see the immediate benefit to them in the future. They are very loyal and true friends. The typical Capricorn is also very composed, quiet, and reserved. Capricorns are very intellectual individuals and are attracted to others with this trait.

Capricorn Bad Traits

Capricorns can be very stubborn and headstrong, selfishly wanting their own way, placing their desires before others. Some born under this sign exhibit a superior attitude. that they might not be aware of, and this superior or snobbish attitude is hard to control or manage and interferes with many relationships. In the romance department a few Capricorns are very indifferent or almost cold.

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